1. No Posing Required!

You can forget about awkward posing and smiling for the camera  - a lifestyle photoshoot focuses on connection and emotion. A natural moment is going to tell the story of your family so much more than an elaborately posed portrait. And let's face it toddlers and young children have no time for it anyway.
This isn't documentary photography though - I look for beautiful light and angles to show you off at your best and I will still give a little direction to make sure everything looks gorgeous.

Lifestyle Photoshoot Family
Lifestyle Photographer Dublin

2. A Lifestyle Photoshoot will Capture All The Little Things You Want To Remember

I know when I look back at old family photographs I am thrilled to see all the details I remember from my childhood. The dress my Mum made for me when I was seven. Hugs with my old cat. Those seventies dungarees my baby brother wore (even though it was the eighties) and the toy cars he was obsessed with. The wallpaper in our kitchen...
It's magical to include all these childhood details in a family photoshoot and it will make them all the more special to look back on in ten, twenty years and beyond.

3. You Can Relax

You don't need to leave your home and everyone is going to be relaxed because they are in their own environment. You don't need to completely declutter your house and hire an interior designer before I arrive - I am well used to creative shooting angles to avoid mess. I get a lot of practice in my own home!
Lifestyle Photography by Libby O'Reilly
Lifestyle Photoshoot

4. Your Children can be Children

There's no expectation to sit still and smile nicely at the camera and this means that your child's true personality gets to shine. Whether it's jumping on the bed or sitting snuggled on your lap I get to capture your children just as they are. Which is even more relaxing for you!

5. I'll Capture Your Favourite Everyday Activities

Does your toddler like to 'help' you bake biccies? Is bath-time one of your favourite routines? If you feel like simply snuggling on your couch then that's perfect. Pick a few of your children's favourite stories and and I'll capture this special time with them.
Lifestyle Photographer Libby O'Reilly
Lifestyle Photography by Libby O'Reilly

6. You Don't Have to Dress Up

But do if you feel like it! There are no rules and  you don't even have to get out of your pyjamas if you don't want to. I do give advice on how to mix and match colours and textures but I keep it all very simple because I want your own style to be show through.

7. You'll Have Beautiful Portraits of Your Children & Family

Just because it's not posed like a traditional photoshoot doesn't mean you won't get gorgeous portraits. I focus on individual images of your children as well as family portraits. I keep an open mind when I start a lifestyle shoot because your family is going to be unique and your children are probably going to do their own adorable thing that I could never have imagined.
Lifestyle Photoshoot Baby by Libby O'Reilly
If you are interested in a lifestyle photoshoot for your family please get in touch and I will send you all the details!